Mar 16, 2015

There is no Business Like Show Business

Hello...After returning from Sanford, FL where I participated in Earth Angel's Art Show at Jeanine Taylor's Folk Art Gallery I thought I would share with you what my table looks like. I was fortunate enough to have this wonderful cooler to display on. Many of you have never seen me at a show so I will share these snapshots with you.

I previewed my book Welcome to FunTown in Japan but this was my first outing here in the states. I met so many charming people that enjoyed my book. I do so enjoy sharing my story and I am very proud of this book. Ten years in the making...seeing my dream come true.

This is my display this past fall at the Country Living Show under the Earth Angels Tent...I love exhibiting at shows. The people that attend are looking for an adventurous day, they appreciate handmade pieces and they are just happy people.

Here I am in Costa Mesa, CA exhibiting with my friends at the "Gathering of Friends Show" you can see I love bright colors...

This was the Ghoultide Gathering Show in 2013...

This is small corner in London at the Hugglett's  Show.several years ago.

This is from first visit to Tokyo at the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Ginza...

I will be attending the Country Living Shows with the Earth Angels this year.

Nashville, TN    APRIL 24, 25 and 26

Rhinebeck, NY  June 5, 6 and 7

Columbus, OH  September 18, 19 and 20

Atlanta, GA October 23, 24 and 25

I hope to one day meet you....Have silly fun...Jody

Feb 12, 2015

My StoryBook...Part Two...

Hello...Before I share more of the story I would like to share some of my musings about our adventure in FunTown. I don't know about you but...I think that an adventure begins with...A buying trip to purchase some new fashion ensembles...after all...there will be many snapshots of me and my traveling companions...We all want to look our best. Next is the packing of our much planning...the right shoes, the evening wear, the casual sportswear and let's not forget the bikini should you be going the seaside. The excitement builds as you set your alarm for your departure.

 I believe that a true adventure begins when you cross a body of suggests that you are going somewhere far away and exotic.

An international journey requires a currency exchange...How fun is it to have a pocket-full of foreign currency. In FunTown they use Tiddly Winks for money...Very clever of them...this way if you want to play a game with a new can.

Oh...Your lodging is integral to the success of your trip. Tasty food, a comfortable bed, scenic views and let's not forget the little shampoo bottles. Party favors are good.

The cuisine at your destination is always so tasty. It is so fun to go to the famous eateries that are suggested in the travel we often tire of the hum-drum  restaurants in our hometowns.

These thoughts are what I had in mind when I imagined Ginny McFinny's visit to FunTown. My first international vacation was in Paris. The excitement of the new country stamps in my shiny new passport. the Euros in my new handbag, the pastries, the fancy meals, the touristy snapshots, the glasses of French red wine served at sidewalk cafes and most important...the warm memories that I will cherish forever. This is what I wanted Ginny to experience. I hope that you enjoy her warm memories also.

My Storybook Welcome to FunTown is available here at my web site.

Have a Bonnie Voyage...Jody, the smiling traveller

Feb 2, 2015

Once Upon a Time...

Hello...I realize that over  the last few months I have shared photos from my storybook...but I haven't shared the story with you. If you want to visit the here...

Let us begin at the beginning,

Allow me to introduce you to Ginny McFinny and her trusty little sidekick, "Pip-Squeak." The story begins when she discovers that the Goody-Goody Gumdrop Candy Company advertised that they were sponsoring a candy-selling contest with the Grand Prize being an all-expense paid trip to FunTown, a place that Ginny had dreamed of all of her life.

So she and Pip-Squeak went door to door in her hometown selling the tasty Goody-Goody Gumdrops...she was very successful as she is charming and quite determined to win.

Hip-Hip Hooray! She was the winner. A lovely little fellow named Hoppy-Go-Lucky escorted her on her journey.

Hoppy was a charming tour guide...I got to make friends with all of the fine citizens of FunTown.

Here is the cliff-hanger...To Be Continued...

Have silly curious fun....Jody, the teaser

Jan 12, 2015

Behind the Scenes in FunTown...

Hello...When putting together my storybook there were sacrifices to make. When I was making the buildings...I put second stories on most of them....consequently, to shoot the whole backdrop my characters were too small. So...with this blog I will share with you the story behind the to speak. This is the FunTown Welcome House. As a child my family took a road trip to Florida...A fond memory was crossing the border into Florida they had a welcome station and generously gave you a glass of fresh Florida orange juice...At our welcome house you get a whistle...I just love party favors...don't you?

May I introduce you to Lu-Lu Ella and this is her kitchen at Silly Billy's Fun Eats Cafe where she bakes her famous "French Vanilla Cupcakes with Red Jimmies on Top." In the book you can't see the details. I made her a cherry rug. My husband Tim made the cabinets and shelving and the stove is an old toy stove. I had so much much was like building many dollhouses.

Here is the FunTown Bank & Trust. My goal was to give it a stately appearance.

This is the Bloomer's home on Garden Avenue. Note that their home is green. The sun shines brightly on this family...note the little blue flower...His name is Bud...and he is "Potty Training"

This is GoodNight Irene in her Bed & Breakfast kitchen where she prepares her legendary pancakes. Once again Tim made the cabinets and the window. I had fun making the syrup box,the flour bag and pancakes. Details are very important.

I had such fun making Miss Cherry-onTop's ice cream shop. I would love to live above the shop. Imagine going downstairs every day and choosing new and tasty treats...

This is a bird's eye view of Whistling Dixie's Toy Shop...Now this was such fun. The little sand bucket is an inch tall.

The FunTown Airport was based on the American Airline's Hangars at LaGuardia. I love the weathervane...after all FunTown is famous for those cupcakes. Buffalo has chicken wings, Chicago has hot dogs and FunTown has cupcakes.

This is Good Time Charley's Party Goods store. I grew up in LaGrange, Illinois and we had Murray's Party Goods store. With all of the festivities in town...I had to include this specialty store.

FunTown also has industry...the Goody-Goody Gumdrop's Candy Company. Little Lucy Gumdrop, the great-great granddaughter of the late Morris Gumdrop is the president. She employs many of the Funnies...this is a good job because you can sample all of the candies every day.

Off I go to my sewing room as Valentine's Day is coming up and I am making some fun toys...

Always remember to Have Silly Fun...Jody

Dec 29, 2014

My Book...

Hello...I do hope that all of you enjoyed your holiday...Those of us in FunTown are still celebrating...not only did we have sugary holiday cookies, candies and bubbly party punch...FunTown is over the moon about their book. They have patiently waited for me to get this book completed for so many years. They had just about given up. there is dancing in the streets.

The day before I left for Tokyo  this giant truck pulled up to deliver my storybook..."Welcome to FunTown."

My helpful husband Tim...the president of the Small Potatoes Publishing Company Shipping Department prepared the books to ship out. That was nice of him...

He sealed them in plastic wrap just to insure that they would not get wet.

Next I filled the car with my happy parcels and off to the post office I went.

So, as you can see there is harmony in FunTown yet again as our dream has come true. Our book is a tribute to many of the citizens in town. It has 97 colorful pages.

There is much singing...

And dancing...Happiness reigns in FunTown once more.

If you are interested in getting a signed copy the price is $29.95 with $3.50 shipping in the U.S. Just contact me at my email address.

I hope that all of your dreams come true for each and everyone of you in 2015.

Always Have Silly FunTown Fun....Jody, President of Small Potatoes Publishing Company

Nov 28, 2014

A Sneak Peek into my Book

Here is a glimpse in the window of my FunTown Storybook...Myself and all of the Funnies so hope that you enjoy your visit...Contact me if you are interested at 

the cost is $29.95

Oct 9, 2014

The Party's Over...

Hello...Well...I have returned from the Ghoultide Gathering Show. Oh what fun we had. Scott Smith and Bill Gilmore, the RingMasters, once again put on the Greatest Show on Earth. The artists and the guests were all so nice. Yes, a fun time was had by all. I had a great show. There are some pieces left over. So for those of you who couldn't attend I will share these with you. Above is "Fraidy Manor" an 11"x5" haunted house made of felt. This is the curbside view...

Side view...

This is the back yard...notice the Halloween costumes on the clothesline...

Lastly, the other side. I had so much ruin making this. It is a one-of-a-kind and the price is $250.00

This is "Eggy and Peggy"This piece is 7' tall...the eggplant car is made of velveteen and Peggy is made of felt with a lantern. She is $185.00. Also a one-of-a-kind.

This is "Lady Bloodiva" a 12.5" flat, yet slightly stuffed skeleton wearing a vintage silk and organdy gown. Also a one-of-a-kind...$85.00...

This is "Jackie-Can" a 5" tall little party pumpkin tin boy. a one-of-a-kind at $95.00...

This is "Professor Van Hootin...7.5" to the top of his top hat....made of mohair, with wired arms...a-one-of-a-kind...$180.00

And his lady friend..."Woo-Hoo" 5.25" tall...$


A scene from FunTown...a 19"x15"...on a wooden board with a stand in the back...Petey's Pumpkin Patch. This really got me in the Halloween spirit. A great backdrop for Halloween and $250.00.

So...I have never put my work up for sale on my blog...I feel like a Tupperware saleswoman.

If you are interested my email is:

phone #770-993-0734

So, I hope you enjoyed my little gallery show...Have silly "Pumpkin-Picking" fun...Jody
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