Oct 21, 2015

Let's Revisit Shake-Rattle and Roll...one of my favorite posts...

Sep 28, 2011

Shake, Rattle and Roll...

Hello...With Autumn at our doorstep...allow me to introduce you to a charming couple who reside here in Funtown. Meet Hambone and Boney Maroney...they compete in Ballroom Dancing Contests and they have many trophies. He prefers the Tango as he has a dramatic flair...Miss Boney likes the Fox Trot as she is developing creaky joints.

They pack their dancing shoes and travel up and down the East Coast. We are so proud of our famous couple. No, they are not married...not yet, anyway...but, there are rumors.

During the evening hours, Boney Maroney relaxes by knitting and watching old black and white movies...the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers' films are her favorite. She secretly believes that she is much more graceful than "that Ginger Rodgers!" She is knitting yet another scarf for Hambone as he has poor circulation and is always chilly. He has confided in me that he longs for a colorful argyle scarf...but alas...Boney Maroney is color blind and has trouble following directions.

Here is Hambone practicing bobbing for apples for our Harvest Moon Fall Festival. He has been the Apple-Bobbing Champion for three years running. He is very competitive and enjoys posing for the snapshooter during the trophy presentation ceremony. Fortunately he doesn't boast too much...as a dose of humility is a good thing here in FunTown.

We can hear the music daily as we stroll by Boney Maroney's home...we smile knowing that the duo is inside twirling, kicking and dipping. This is why they are Champions.
This is their 8x10 glossy that they had made for the contests...but Boney is hoping that it will be their engagement photo for the newspaper. She dreams of this moment while knitting.

Have "shake-rattle-and-roll" fun today,   Jody,

Aug 23, 2015

And the storybook continues...

Hello...Okay this is the next installment...Have silly...Oh, don't forget your dancing shoes!

The adventure is just beginning...once again.. to be continued...

Have silly "flying pancakes" fun today...Jody

Jul 25, 2015

Welcome to FunTown...Introduction...

Hello...I thought it would be fun to post my book pages...the first few anyway. So here we go. Just put on your dancing shoes and follow me.

To be continued...My storybook is available at my website...Do stay tuned as she is about to have a an adventure...Jody

Jun 20, 2015

California Here We Come...

Hello...Oh my goodness...it has been so long since I wrote here. I have been busy and lazy all at the same time. Anyway...enough excuses. Above are a happy little group of "Funnies" who have gone to California...Roger's Garden's in Corona Del Mar to be exact. There they will be my little ambassadors representing FunTown for me. Suffice it to say...they are over the moon to be in such hallowed surroundings as this is a very famous place to be.

"Chicky-Boo" of course was so excited to put her little webbed toes into the Pacific Ocean....as this is what her dreams are made of...crashing waves, handsome lifeguards and bright sunshine. Before she left I packed several giant sized bottles of sunscreen in her tote bag as she sunburns easily.

"Hoopy-Pooch" was also pleased as the weather is so pleasant in California...this allows her to practice her Hula-Hooping all day long. She is a two-time winner of the Hula-Hoop Challenge and she wants to continue and set a record one day. She was a tad nervous before she departed...as she was carrying her hula-hoop on board the plane and it can be so troublesome to fit items in the overhead compartments. I told her to be charming to the flight attendants and they will take good care of her.

This is "Lady Berry-Bug." When she was told that they were going to a Garden Shop she was overjoyed. She has dreams of all of the flowers and the fauna and with that comes some interesting bugs. There is much excitement as she will be there at the height of the strawberry season.

"Berry Bun-Bun" will be right by "Lady Berry-Bug's" side as they are the best of friends. Their love of sweet red strawberries makes the them a happy two-some. Miss Berry loves to hop around in the garden...but after a rambunctious romp she loves to luxuriate atop a magical strawberry throne...so we promised that she could take that with her. Uh-oh...there might be some arm wrestling between her and "Hoopy-Pooch" over those darned overhead bins. I am sure that they will behave...after all they do come from "FunTown" and manners are important.

And last but not least "Sally Sunshine" pleaded with me to join the travelers... shining in sunny California is a dream come true for all of sunbeams, as we have heard that many who live there are sun-worshippers. She is yearning for all of the attention she hopes to get.

Well...off I go as I have much to do. For those of you who live in Southern California or if you should happen to be vacationing nearby...please stop in and visit them...My book "Welcome to FunTown" will also be there. I am very honored to be included as I think that Roger's Gardens is awesome.

Have silly fun today...Jody
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