Jul 22, 2014

Friends are Good...

Hello...Well...I am having a great day. I received a surprise...Don't you love surprises? The UPS man delivered a parcel from my good friends in California. I was so excited while I was opening it as  these pals have really good taste. Imagine my delight when I saw this awesome toy.  It is amazing that this set remained in tact. The Mother of the child that played with this must have had a large beach bag. I want to go make a sand castle now...Oh...that would mean a bikini...maybe I will hang it in my sewing room instead.

Since I am an ardent fan of tin lithography I thought I would gather a few. It is so fun to display old toys with these old tins. It is like having an excuse to buy more toys.

He so enjoys getting a ride in this little buggy...he would be bored just sitting on a shelf. Monkeys don't like to sit still.

 Whooo doesn't like a comfortable little tin cup to nest in with a friend? Plus they are serenaded by this handsome Basso Profundo.

See how fun tins are? Now you have an excuse to buy display pieces.

So to Jami, Janis, Debbee and Carolyn...Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this treasure. I will think of our fun times when I look at my new toy.

Have silly "Friends with good taste are good" fun,   Jody

Jul 4, 2014

May Your Doodles be Dandy...

Hello...It is a good day to be a proud American. Here are a few parade participants. I hope they are wearing comfortable shoes.

Here is our honored Grand Marshall for our Fourth of July Parade. He will proudly ride in a shiny red convertible.

After the parade there are many activities that are available for our pleasure. The Movie House is a good alternative as they serve tasty movie snacks, have cool air conditioning and plus it is entertaining. How good is that?

If you have a boat it is a good day to take to the high seas. Maybe you will even find a mermaid. Wow, that would be a treat.

Picnics are fun. Find a scenic spot in a grassy park, bring a basket full of treats and enjoy the fresh air. A note of caution...beware of the hungry little buggers...they love this holiday also...it is like gigantic buffet for them.

A day of hanging around the house is a holiday also. You can catch up on the household errands. A day in the garden with freshly laundered clothes flying in the gentle breeze is a satisfying feeling.

Many of us will go to our town squares for fireworks and live music. We will stand for our national anthem..."The Star Spangled Banner." I usually tear up, so I bring a hankie just in case. There is nothing better than singing this with your friends, family and community.

Dancing in the moonlight...it doesn't get any better than that.

Oh my goodness...after a holiday a good night's sleep is welcome. I hope that your day is a holiday.

A note of caution...don't put firecrackers in your pockets...you will thank me later.

Have a silly "Macaroni Salad" fun day,   Jody

Jun 10, 2014

Let the Adventure Begin

 Hello... I am finally going to New York to hopefully get my book together and ready to print. Hooray!

 My bags are packed and I am ready to go...

So I am going to wear my dancing shoes and dome best.

Have silly "wish me luck" fun,    Jody

I will  keep you posted

Jun 4, 2014

Feeling Ducky Today...

Hello...As I look around my home I decided that I would share my love of ducks with you. Ducks make me smile. This little Fancy in the middle seems to be very popular with the fellows.

These are very special to me. I do believe that they are "GamesMen"...maybe they had ring or two tossed around their necks.

This little Sailor is an adventurer. When he gets on shore he loves to do a little tap dance for the ladies.

This song and dance trio charm audiences world-wide...especially the little chickadees.

Dandy Ducky LongLegs is a Crooner. He loves to sing at parties...

Have silly "Just Ducky" fun,   Jody

Remember to keep your ducks in a row...

May 24, 2014

Happy Decoration Day...

Hello...It is a time for celebration...The official start of summertime...School is out...but most of all...It is a time to remember all of our brave military people...Men and Women alike.

These two fellows have some battle scars but they are proud and standing tall. The one on the left is old and the other is a reproduction.

Fleet Week....Lock up your daughters.

A famous Rough-Rider...Let us remember him.

 It appears as though he has his eyes on a "Fancy."

This Salty Boy will dance for you...If you pull a few strings.

Have silly "I love hot dogs and potato chips" fun this weekend

May 9, 2014

Teddy Bears are the Best of Friends

Hello...Today I have been thinking of teddy bears. My toy making began with teddy bears many, many years ago. I realized that I haven't made them much of late. So...I started looking at old snapshots of some of my bears of the past.

They are snappy dancers. One Two Cha-Cha-Cha!

They are thoughtful.

They are talented and brave.

Loyal friends that will keep you secrets...always.


Loyal and supportive...

Have silly "hug a teddy bear" fun today,  Jody and her fuzzy little friends

Apr 29, 2014

May I introduce to you...

Hello to my patient friends....My camera broke...much to my dismay, I might add. My shiny new snapshooter arrived last week. So here I am again. I thought it would be fun to introduce you to a few of my favorite bisque dolls.  This thoughtful little fellow is deep in thought. I imagine him to be a poet...artfully stringing lyrical phrases together to enchant the ladies.

For those who know me well and those who don't...just know that I am a sucker for a guy in uniform. These fellows are World War I soldiers. They stand guard here in FunTown protecting all of the citizens. We all appreciate their bravery, even though we are not under any threat. It's true what they say "Once a soldier, always a soldier." It appears that the one on the right did not hear reveille this morning...He showed up late for roll call.

This saucy little damsel is a tad plump as she enjoys cherry. pie ala mode...That is probably why she has such a satisfied smirk on her pretty face.  She looks rather mysterious...maybe she has a new beau.

These three little sisters are very close. They love to travel the globe. Uh-Oh, it appears that the airlines must have lost the luggage of the middle sister. I hate it when that happens.

Speaking of siblings...these gentlemen are brothers from a very prominent family of bankers. The two on the ends are very diligent and trustworthy. The rascal in the middle looks like he may take after their shady uncle on their Mother's side of the family.

Ahh...a Bon Vivant zooming down the road in his snappy red roadster. He is quite the ladies' man.

 Ooh...I feel these three look like they just got caught doing something naughty.

These three lads are enjoying shore leave.

Have silly "gather your silly favorite things and take some snapshots" fun...Jody
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