May 15, 2011

Buddies are good!

Hello...I am leaving for the Philadelphia Bear Show in a few days. It will be a heartfelt gathering of old friends...of the human and the fuzzy kind. I have been making lots of teddy bears, as this is the focus of the show. It has been fun making goofy, old looking bears. I love old goofy know, the ones that have seen better days...but were the most devoted of friends.

This is Tiddly and Winks. A Daring Duo. Now these two must really trust one another. A true sign of friendship.

May I present Little Lucy Gumdrop...a descendant of  the late,great Morris Gumdrop, the founder of the "Goody, Goody Gumdrop Candy Company...and Chocolate-Charley. Because they both share a passion for sugary snacks they have become best buddies. Speaking of best buddies...I am playing with Pat Murphy this weekend in Philadelphia. If you are within shouting distance...please join all of us.

Have "don't you love teddy bears?" fun,   Jody

1 comment:

  1. How utterly charming! I love love love your bears, so happy to have found your jolly site, I'll be back.


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