Aug 10, 2011

Please, do come in...and make yourself comfortable....

Hello... I am humbly writing this I am not one to boast...but I am so proud and honored to be in this Autumn Issue of "Where Women Create" and if that was not enough I am placed amongst so many talented and successful artists. It was a sunny day indeed when my dear friend Jen O'Connor, of EarthAngels, introduced me to Jo Packham years ago at Jen's Spring Fling. At the time, Jen knew that I wanted to publish a book that I was working on and she generously matched us up, as Jo is a book publisher. So Jo and I became friends and in the interim she began her magazine. Between our busy schedules, time passed...and then one happy morning Jo and Dana Waldon, the snappy photographer, rang my doorbell.

So, I would like you to come join me and I will show you some other angles of my sewing room...The FunTown Factory. My that sounds like I have employees....big's just me and my dog, Pip-Squeak...thank goodness, as there is no room for anyone else. Think "cozy" instead of tiny. These shelves are filled with the characters from my book about FunTown. They patiently wait as I work on other projects. I can hear them begging me to "get this show on the road" my Mother would say. They want to jump into some colorful pages and tell their story.

Reminders to chuckle often..."Chuckle" ...such a goofy word.

I can find an excuse to buy anything...see how utilitarian fun little objects can become? While antique shopping I can always rationalize any purchase.

I have had so much delight finding these silly things. It seems that most of my treasures are found when I am with my fun friends while out of town.

I needed all of of these sewing notions...after's a business expense....

So much to tuck away...tiny buttons, ribbons and over-all doo-dads.

This is my FunTown phone...if only I had a secretary...maybe one of my old teddy bears could answer the phone...after all they have all attended Charm School here in town.

Within easy reach...I have little hiding places everywhere.This can be quite challenging if the nook or cranny is not labeled.

Well...I fear that I am boring, off we go, as there are lots of parties to attend.

I want to send a big "Merci Beaucoup" to Jo Packham, Dana Waldon, the friendly editorial staff at Where Women Create and most of all...thank you Jen O'Connor for being a champion of me and all of  the ladies with the dancing fingers. I curtsy to all of you...Let me not forget all of the friends I have made along the way who have sparked me to keep going. THANKS to ALL of YOU!

Have "Join the parade and wave to all of the passers-by as they are all so nice" fun,  Jody, the waver

If anyone is interested in a signed copy, just let me know...write to me...the copy is $15.00 and $3.00 shipping in the U.S....They should be available at  Earth Angels or at larger magazine outlets,  Michaels and Jo-Anne's.

Oh...and thank you for time I will provide baked goods...


  1. I bought a copy of the magazine last week just because I saw that you were in it. You have such a charming art room. I love all the toys and fun stuff--my dream room, I'm telling ya!

  2. Congratulations Miss. Jody!! Fun Town looks like a fun place i would like to visit someday all my favorite colors & Toy Friends!!
    From your Sunny California Friend XXOO,
    Jamie :)

  3. Congratulations! Such a fun place to blog-visit!
    Thank you!

  4. I've got my copy already, but you knew that! Congratulations again, I'm so looking forward to hearing from you about a custom piece.

    Silly hugs,

  5. Congrats to you Jodi so well deserved,Love the pictures of your wonderful treasures and your cozy studio.What a delightful place to create your fun characters!

    Sending you warm wishes from blighty.x

  6. Congratulations Jody!!!! I can't wait to read it when I've got a quiet moment and a cup of coffee. ;0)

  7. I'm boarding my donkey now, and bringing my coin purse to the magazine store so I can see you and the happy place you make your peeps.
    so happy for you

  8. Dear Jody, I am someone who has only just discovered you through this wonderful article. I can't tell you how much it means to my life as someone who has always kept secret her love of crafting all things cute, to find someone who has followed her heart for so many years. I was so excited about this discovery, I had to share it with readers of my own blog, Creative Breathing. I simply can't wait to begin at the beginning of your blog to learn more about you! Sincerely, Elizabeth

  9. I bought this magazine just because you were in it!!! Yep getting ready for Atlanta....Can't wait to see you silly billies. I am off of red looking for my new tonic.....hmmmm any Ideas?

  10. Loved the article on you and the photos are so magical...all those sweet toys. I love your studio... I don't know how you get any work done....I'd be to busy playing. :0)

  11. Jody...ohhh how I loved seeing your studio in the magazine...I was like a little child in a candy store looking at all the eye candy in your enchanting, cute magical studio.. one day I hope to get to meet you in person... have a honey of a night ~ sweet dREaMs, Marlene ;O) PS I loved your posts on your trip to Japan ~ love Japan & its culture & animated geisha girls..

  12. Jody...Oooh ahhh... can hardly hait to get my hands on it, now that I'm back to the land of civilazation!! It looks great!! Congrats...


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