Aug 7, 2011

My Japanese Adventure...Part Two...

Hello...It has been a week and I am starting to get back to normal...whatever that means. As I return to being just Jody once again, I am going to remind myself of my royal treatment from my friends in Japan. Above are some of my Kokeshi Dolls. Japanese wooden folk art dolls. They are as charming to me as the the culture they represent.

This was a tasty lunch I had one of the first days. It is a "Japanese White Peach Parfait." It seemed like a fitting choice considering I hail from the "Peach State." This was such a delight...served in such an artistic tasted as good as it looks. The white peach is a seasonal delicacy. I recommend it highly.

The people in Japan are conserving their energy right this billboard was from a men's clothing store...a reminder of the move to eliminate suit-coats as the air conditioning is being lowered.

These are my hosts and good friends...from left...Katsura Yamada, Katsumi Mori. Mr. Matsubara, Takehito Morii and Ami Kawai. They graciously took me to this barbecue restaurant. One of my favorite all time meals. Takehito and Katsumi did the grilling right at our table. Beef, chicken, shrimp, shitake mushrooms, vegetables and probably more as I lost track. Fresh crisp local vegetables and cold beer. A perfect ending to a perfect day. I am ashamed to admit that I used a goal is to master chopsticks for the next visit.

This is the Isetan Department Store in Shinjuku...this is where I did my signing. A beautiful in Japan is pleasant experience...the artful displays and the courteous service is outstanding.

This little girl and her baby sister enchanted me...there was a little brother also. They came to my table to visit. She was learning the English language, so we had a lovely chat.

My good friend, Mari, from Nagoya. Her daughter Ayu couldn't attend. I met them years ago and I was so pleased that Mari came to Tokyo to see me.

This is Izumi and her kind husband. My heart filled with joy as it was a heartfelt reunion.

Takehito made this cute little "Sunny-Side-Up" pair while he was helping me translate...he looked at my flower girls and he saw fried this is the happy outcome. Aren't they cute? He is going to make one with a pocket with a slice of  toast popping out. Very clever. He studied art in California when he was a college student.

Another memorable restaurant...see how lucky I am.

This was my display at the "Bear! Bear! Bear!" shop on the sixth floor of the Isetan Store.

After departing Japan and spending many, many hours on the jetliner...look at what I saw when I looked out my window. Dorothy was right "There is no place like home and nothing better than a pair of sparkly red dancing shoes!"

Have "Is it only August? fun,   Jody, the American lady with a fork

Sayonara Japan!


  1. Wow! You sure were the top banana and they loved you! They really loved you. Not surprising at and your fab little delights are wonderful. Cheeky girls are sweet as pie.
    Have get back to real life fun-

  2. Those Japanese dolls are gorgeous, wouldn't mind collecting some of them, too. I'm so sorry I haven't heard of you till now, and I totally intend to make up for the lateness. Please excuse my over obsessiveness in the beginning, as I tend to get very excited when I find an amazing artist/crafter. I hope we get to have lot's of silly fun.


  3. Hello Meri...Please come on door is wide open to happy people like you. We can share some tasty party snacks and do the Hokey-Pokey.
    Have silly dancing fun, Jody


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