Jun 9, 2011

Hide your Lobsters...

Hello....or should I say "Ahoy Mateys?"... It is that magical time of year when I sail off to the high seas! Well...I may be a tad dramatic here. Actually, my generous good friend Leslie McCabe, the "Captain" of our adventure, has invited me and some of her mates to join her in her new home in Cape Cod...Yarmouth Port, to be exact...maybe I shouldn't have divulged that as there might be pirates reading my blog. Oops!

 Five years ago Captain Leslie decided to have a gathering of some of her creative friends to come and share and teach an artsy project. Let's refer to it as "The SisterHood of the Dancing Fingers." We not only create...we laugh, we shop, we share a little wine and we devour Lobster Rolls....on a daily basis.

The sailors...Pat Murphy, Diana Card, Rosanne Migliorino, Leslie, of course and I are packing up our gear...suntan lotion, sunglasses, bikinis and binoculars...(just in case we should spot a whale.) So, I will be away from my magic typewriter for ten days...but when I return I will share my snapshots with all of you.

Have silly "Shiver Me Timbers" fun,   Jody,  the lobster hunter

P.S. there will be an empty spot at our picnic table...Krys Kirkpatrick couldn't sign on for our voyage...Krys, you will be missed.



    He is the most ridiculous piece that you have made! Of course I mean ridiculous good. Every time I look at him I laugh.

  2. Jody have a great sunny sailing time!!!!


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