Jun 3, 2011

The Doggy in the Window...

Hello...This is my dog Pip-Squeak...He is my fierce protector...always on the lookout for intruders. His "bone of contention" as it were...of late is the ever-growing squirrel population in "his territory." He guards his post at the front and back doors and so far he has been quite successful as not one squirrel has gotten  inside our house. Hooray for Pip!
Here is one of the greedy little varmints that keeps trying to burglarize our bird feeder out back. Pip dares them to cross his path. If I should see a squirrel...all that I need to say is "SQUIRREL" and Bingo...he dashes to the bird feeder and starts to bark menacingly. A strange thing happened last evening. While watching Jeopardy...Alex, posed an "answer" and I correctly responded "Curl" out loud to show off to my husband Tim that I knew the answer...At that moment....Pip woke from a pleasant nap and ran to the door.. he found nary a squirrel...he was confused, but I was quite amused. Maybe this was one of those "had to be there" stories.

 I have heard a rumor that the grateful neighborhood birds are taking up a collection to buy Pip a bag of "Dingos" his favorite treat.

Have silly Pip-Tails" fun,    Jody, his best friend


  1. Such a fierce looking little fella! It's good that Pip has a job..and I'm sure he works hard all day.. Oscar isnt certain what his job is (aside from eating the compost and grazing in the aspargrass bed), but today he did find chippy the chipmunk under the bushes, and gave him a good run for his life. I'm sure that Oscar and Pip could become best hunting buddies.

  2. Pat...Pip was thrilled to get the hunting buddy offer...he has one question...Does Oscar have his own binoculars?

    Have "Wascally Wabbit" fun, Jody

  3. Oh yes, "Curl" rhymes with pearl. I mean hurl, and twirl, unfurl, girl. You are going to have to watch all you say!
    Pip Pip Hooray!

  4. My Penny Penny has successfully kept the mailman out of the house for years!!! These dogs are amazing with their vicious barks.

  5. Jody I told hubby about Pip and he laughed... his Mother's dog Binky loves to run the squirrels out of her yard too. Everyone has to have a job even our fuzzy ones. :0)

  6. Oh my it must just be part of the dna of a 4 legged creature. My sisters beagle does the same thing. She gets so worked up she hardly has enough energy to jump up on a chair...then a desk to eat someones sandwich here at the old bunny factory.

    I bet Pip has a ferocious bark!


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