Jun 27, 2011

Adventures at the Cape...Final Chapter

Hello...I will wrap up our Cape Cod Odyssey today as you are probably thinking...still? Well, I don't have that many silly adventures with fun friends...so bear with me here. Leslie, drove us hither and yon(strange phrase, isn't it?) Pat, Rosanne and I took an abundance of snapshots of both Hither and Yon...

This is "Bubbles" the whale in Provincetown... We had motored to Land's End....but the literal kind, not the canvas bag and golf shirt kind!

As you can see we have a new "mate" joining us. This is Beth Atherton, our friend who popped in on her way to her home in Maine. She was a welcome addition. We all decided that dining at the edge of the ocean makes the food tastier.

While we were in a sweatshirt store...our fancy friend, Rosanne, found a sparkly jewelry store. I feared that a greedy pirate might try to snatch and grab her sparkles...but, fortunately, she fended off any disasters. I noted that she had an extra spark in her step now.

Imagine my delight when we saw this fireworks display of lobster buoys...

Isn't Leslie a fancy hostess. I could barely sleep at night knowing that she would whip up some new taste treat.

As you can see we made some frosty stops along the way..

We stimulated the economy...like good little Americans doing our civic duty. Leslie had a lucky day. She was the envy of this peer...

You know the expression "She shopped till she dropped"...fortunately we didn't have to call the paramedics...but it was touch and go for a few minutes.

We were running out of days and we hadn't begun Pat's project. It was definitely not for beginners...she downloaded our photos and printed them for us to make snappy little tote bags. Leslie suggested that we make clutch bags instead...Pat thought "Yikes"...so we switched plans. Sadly I did not complete mine yet, so these are the parts. Hopefully Pat will post hers on her blog.

I guess Leslie isn't the only Empress of Cape Cod. See how much fun we had?

Rosanne...heaving a sigh of relief as she prepares for her coronation....

Here is Pat...she is in deep thought...or preparing to break into song...we will never know.

The happy campers... plus Homer, the happiest of all as he spied our suitcases ready and waiting for our departure. I am disappointed to report that we did not grab some pots and wooden spoons to parade down Leslie's street. Common decency prevailed...maybe next time.

I jammed all of my purchases, art projects and warm memories in my carry-ons. Leslie...a heartfelt thank you to you, Jack and Homer, also...Leslie, Pat, Rosanne, Beth, Marc and Rick...I have put all of the giggles and sparky memories in my pocket and I will carry them with me always. Maybe that is why my jeans got so tight... I will stop now before I break into song.

Have "pocketful of memories" fun,    Jody, the lucky girl in Georgia

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  1. oh my, i do look as tho I ate the canary.. i will have to make sure to get behind the camera more on our next outing.. i hope that your clutch is coming along nicely..although i know how spell bound you have been this week with.
    You and TM..


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