Apr 2, 2012

You are all invited to the Bunny Hop...

Hello...Are you craving jellybeans, Peeps and chocolate eggs? We in FunTown definitely are. We are also excited because "The Annual FunTown Bunny Hop" is this Saturday night. A gala event, indeed.

Every year the refreshment committee sets out the tastiest of tasty party treats. Our favorites are the malted milk ball kebobs,  jellybean Jell-O salads,  a rainbow assortment of deviled eggs, Peeps finger sandwiches,  carrot cake, marshmallow pudding and best of all there is a giant bowl full of jellybeans at every table.

These two are scouting clever hiding places for the Easter Egg Hunt. This way it is more challenging.

There will be egg-decorating contests. The competition can be fierce. The Grand Prize is a Giant Chocolate Bunny...so you can only imagine how tense it becomes. In fact, you could cut the tension with a knife. We pretend to be happy for the lucky Grand Prize Winner.

Of course...there is a Parade. Yes, the ladies will all wear Fancy Easter Bonnets...and yes, there will be lots of frills upon them. After all...this is FunTown.

Trudy and Judy Doodly-Doo are rehearsing their song and dance routine for the Bunny Hop. I have heard that this year they will be performing "Here Comes Peter Cotton-Tail"...yet again.

There is much to do as we prepare for the holiday weekend. So I will leave with some happy Spring-Time wishes...May your tulips be perky, your jellybeans be red, your Easter baskets be plentiful, your chocolate bunnies be solid chocolate and your Easter Eggs be hard-boiled.

Have silly "chocolate covered Peeps" fun,   Jody


  1. I like my jellybeans black but that is neither here nor there. Have a wonderfully "Happy Easter to all" in Fun Town.

  2. Thanks for the invetation to the 'Bunny Hop'..! We will be thinking of Fun Town and there special event, when we look for easter eggs in a few day's..!!

    Have fun,

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  4. Happy Easter Jody!!!
    WOW! Everything really is happening at the Hop!

  5. Thank You ever so much for inviting me to the bunny hop Jody! I'll be wearing my Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it.
    As always, you've amused and delighted me!


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