Apr 10, 2012

We Had a "Just Ducky" Parade....

Hello...Well, with Easter behind us...I thought I would give you a quick glimpse of our "Just Ducky" Parade. The day was sunny and mild, the tulips were plentiful and the the marching bands were uptempo.

Little Miss Winky was our Parade Princess...an honor indeed...as she got to ride in the first convertible.

Followed by some of our town dignitaries.

Tommy Rah-Rah was chosen to represent FunTown State College of Higher Learning. His driver doesn't seem too pleased...it turns out that he was very bitter because he applied...yet was denied admission.

Mrs. Birdy-Blossom was voted the 'Mother of the Year" so she was honored by the Town Council. Sadly, there was an oversight and they forgot to arrange a convertible for her and Junior. She didn't mind as she said she needed the exercise.

Many of the local citizens joined the celebration. All are welcome.

Here are some of the members of the parade committee. They deserve the attention as this is a lot of work that takes up much of their spare time. Volunteers are very valuable and we know it.

Here are the officers of the "Loyal Order of the FunnyFellows"...V.I.P.'s for sure.

Of Course...all good things have to come to an end...this is Mr. Tidy...the street sweeper.

I do hope that you love parades like we do here in FunTown.

Have silly "Waving to the passers-by" fun,   Jody


  1. What a wonderful bunch of characters. Your parade was wonderful. Diane

  2. Soo adorable.. wish I was there to!!


  3. Hi Jody!

    Just saw that you were following my boards on Pinterest, and I thought, "I know that name!" I fell in love with your little sun girl years ago when my mother bought it--she makes toys, too. (jointed, felted...) I'll be following along with your blog, too--loved your sweet Easter parade!

    Wishing you a lovely evening...


  4. Hello sweetie pie. I have been noncommunicado lately. Between mingling with the rich and famous in a la Mea-hico and getting my house ready to sell...the blog does suffer. I am going to Saratoga for the May show. Rooming with Jo Packman....so getting ready for that too. So much to tell you...so much going on. I feel like a debutant going to the ball with so many suitors and no one yet has got off the dime. Oh the saga of BBTB. Hope you are doing well, loving your stories...I miss you and Miss prissy pants from Cape Cod. Love you....k


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