Mar 24, 2012

A Peek Into Our Show...

Hello...For those of you who could not attend our "Gathering of Friends" Art Show...let's peek at my snapshots. First, the artists...Leslie McCabe, Allen Cunningham, Paul Gordon, Dana Wade (good friend and hostess), Pat Murphy and me. We are all very good friends and have all been doing shows in Southern California for many years. We all have dreamed of having an intimate, friendly and high quality last year we just did it. There is no promoter...we put it together by committee. Dana and her husband Jack offered a banquet room in their beautiful restaurant and Voila..."We did it!"

Here is Leslie's colorful table...

She is a master with textiles...Hooked wool pillows,  Russian Punch Needle framed pieces, ribbon corsages and beautiful beaded jewelry...all of her own design.

You can see more of her work at Earth Angels...

One of the charming fellows created by Pat Murphy...of the famous international Murphy Bears. She is the you can see for yourself.

Her talents are not limited to cute is this?...

Plus she has the cheeriest smile...You can discover more at her web site...

This Paul Gordon's table...No wonder he is so famous. He lives up to his reputation. Sculpting, painting and tailoring...he does it all!

See...isn't he talented? Everything he brought was so charming.

For more Paul...visit him here...

Allen amazing...He is a genius...His attention to detail is awe inspiring. While looking at his will be dumb-struck. Plus, he is delightful.

He covers all he is making special editions of classic book characters and of course his dolls of all sorts.

Find Allen at...his web site...enjoy.

This is my table...

Okay...Now I will show you some more snapshots to show you that we truly are friends.

Leslie and Jack McCabe...

Nancy Michler...good buddy to all...Paul, Leslie and Pat at the Long Beach Swap Meet...

Lots of snapshots...I hope that you picked up on our joy of  our doing this together. For myself, I want to thank them all for making this weekend so memorable. I am sincerely honored to be included in this talented group of artists, friends and loyal collectors. Please join us next year...I promise you will have as much fun as we did.

Have "silly friendly" fun,    Jody


  1. What incredible artists you all are!I loved all the pictures, such a handsome bunch of ladies and gents.

    1. Julie...You were missed...we are not giving up on you. There is next year...April. We had such fun.

  2. Allway's nice to see the pictures of the shows... here from Holland I just can dream away with them! What you al make is so lovely..!


    1. Jacqueline....I had no idea that you were in Holland. Your English is perfect. I am glad that you visited with us.

  3. What an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING group of makers you are. How I wish I could have been there to see all that loveliness for real. Truly breathtaking. xx

  4. Thank you Jane...I wish you could have come you could have seen the artwork in person and met all of us. Your kind words are very appreciated. Jody


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