Mar 14, 2012

It's Showtime...


Top of the morning' to ye...My friends and I are going to be at our show in Corona,  CA on St. Patrick's Day. So I will take this opportunity to wish you rainbows and a pot of gold.

Top of the mornin’ to ya…As we count down to St. Patrick’s Day we all are green with envy over our lucky Irish friends. I have three fool-proof tips on how to have a successful holiday and maybe feel a little Irish also.

First…whip up a bowl full of green Jello (yes, you could add fruit and/or tiny marshmallows if you want) your friends and family will be grateful for your thoughtful gesture.

Second…hum “Danny Boy” all day as someone might join in and before you know it you will be engaging in a sing-a-long.

Third…whenever the opportunity presents itself…perform a high stepping Irish Jig. This will insure future invitations to other holiday parties.

This was my post from last St. Patrick's Day...since so many of you didn't know of my old tumblr site, I thought I would revisit the advice is still noteworthy.

Here are a few of the pieces that I will be taking to our "Gathering of Friends Show"..."Inky-Dinky &Doodle"...

The two-steppers are Freddy and Betty...and they are ready to party...California Style. Betty bought a new bikini for our adventure.

"Miss Debbie N. Hare" is all packed and ready to get on the airplane.

"Ida Bea Delighted and Johnny Bee Good" are  buzzing they have never had the pleasure to enjoy some California honey.

"Ally-Oops" is also ready to roll. She loves convertibles and ocean you can see, she is California Dreamin'...

Poor "Violet" thinks she is flying out in First Class...I don't have the heart to tell her just yet...

"Ducky-Bun" is bringing up the rear of our little parade. As a chocolate bunny he is keeping his distance from the it is a dangerous time of year for him.

I guess I should get myself ready for our trip. I do hope that if you live in California...or heck...just get on an airplane and join us...

                                                             "A Gathering of Friends" Art Show
                                                                  March 17th   10:00 till 2:00
                                                                     Mill Creek Restaurant
                                                                      103 Lincoln Avenue
                                                                           Corona, CA
                                                                     91 FWY-Lincoln exit

Have silly 'O' Fun,     Jody



  1. Have fun and SELL OUT! I hope to meet you some day.

  2. Oh fabulous one, please enjoy all the best luck of the Irish for your show. Your creations bring such joy to my heart. Stop by if you can, and leave a comment for my giveaway!

    Big, Hearty-O-Hugs to ye,

  3. The lovely bunch you will take with you, will have great fun...:)), I can imagine!! Hope they al will find a lovely home!!


    1. Thank you Jacqueline...I wish you could join us...Jody

  4. I hope you all have a wonderful trip! It will be exciting traveling with all of those little characters. Diane

  5. Hello Diane...Yes it will be fun to travel with these little fellows...I only ope that the airline has enough peanuts...Jody


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