Feb 5, 2013

My Funny Valentines...

Hello...Phew...January is behind us. The Groundhog has come and gone...So now it is time to dream of tasty chocolate candies, colorful poseys and heartfelt cards from our loved ones. Yippee! What could be better?

My sister Jill sent me these copies of two charming old Valentines years ago after I "oohhed and aahhed" over her lucky finds. Well...They have been on my bright red inspiration board right in front of my sewing machine(of which I spend A LOT of time at) for years...Taunting me to try to create their likenesses. So, this year was the year.

This is "Lover-Boy"...

This is his Honey..."Sugar-Boo." She adores "Lover-Boy" as he is a snappy dancer. Good looking boys who dance well are hard to find.

I had so much fun making them. They are so happy as I told them that they were flying to their new home in California...they are so happy to be together forever...plus they have heard such exciting things about California...Lover-Boy is dreaming of surfing and Sugar-Boo is hoping to meet George Clooney.

So, for the next few days let us remember our "Sweethearts" and go out and buy them fancy candies that they can share with us.

Have silly "Hooray for candy" fun,   Jody


  1. Oh Miss Jody, these two sweeties are simply adorable.
    Happy Chocolate and flowers day to you-

  2. Lovely! I'm a big fan of vintage Valentine cards, and you did a great job interpreting them as dolls.


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