Dec 14, 2012

Jingles in FunTown...

Hello...Boy-Oh-Boy...We are in the holiday spirit here in FunTown. Why don't you make yourself a mug of Hot Chocolate...don't forget the marshmallows...after all, it is Christmas Time...and come by for a visit,  you can join me and we will peek in our FunTown windows.

Bring a good all our welcome here. Don't forget your warm woolly mittens.

Let's go to "Whistling Dixie's Toy Shop" first...we will stare at the colorful window display and finalize our Christmas List. It is important to make wise choices....after all...we have been nice...not naughty... all year and this is our reward. before we go further I just want to mention how much fun the word "naughty" is...Cheeky is fun, also.

Yes...Santa is also finalizing his list...Poor Guy...this must be so stressful on him...after all...he is no youngster and he is a tad overweight. I hope that he has time to sit back and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate also.

A few days ago we had a "Tannenbaum-Trimming" party. A great time was had by all...I will have to make a note to myself to serve the egg nog after the tree is trimmed. Oh is still festive.

We sang cheerful songs whilst trimming...we all have such lovely voices.

Then the dancing began...needless to say...we are all snappy dancers...after all...we have all attended dance classes at the " Doodly-Doo Sisters School of Dance."

Frosty is a dandy dancer...he is very light on his boots....and he has a great sense of rhythm. He is one cool customer. We all want to dance with him. He is very thoughtful and makes sure that we all get our turn to trot around the dance floor with him. Yes...we are all grateful to Trudy and Judy Doodly-Doo for our fanciful dance moves.

Uh-Oh! Poor Chilly seems that while returning from his vacation he had a layover in the SunBelt and they had a long delay...Don't despair...we have been keeping him company while he stays outdoors to get back in shape. That is what friends do!

Well...I have been prattling away here for quite awhile...I will continue with our visit next time. Isn't Santa handsome? Yes, he is a Jolly Good Fellow! I am trying to get some extra brownie points...just in case he reads this post. Timing is everything...

Have silly "Fa-La-La-La-Lah" fun,   Jody, your friend who is merry and bright

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