Nov 19, 2012

Happy Jill Day!...

Hello...Allow me to introduce you to my little sister...Jill is her birthday, she hasn't had as many as me. While in Chicago a couple of weeks other sister Jamie and I had an opportunity to attend one of Jill's many shows.

Isn't she pretty? As a bonus, she is a very talented artist. Here is her display...this is the smaller version as she only had one table...just imagine two colorful tables.

No wonder she is so successful...

I don't do as many shows as I used it was fun to be there for set-up and meeting her friends. I love the energy of shows.

I was proud to stand behind her table as I was so proud of her...If this intrigues you also you can contact her at Jill's e-mail address...

Here we are...Jill, Jamie and I....

Have "Isn't it great to have sisters" fun,   Jody

1 comment:

  1. You all have the same bright and happy smile!
    happy thanksgiving!
    btw.. I think you should create a turkey!


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