Sep 7, 2012

I Have Run Away From Home....

Ahoy Mateys...Well...I am am on a much needed vacation. Here I am in Cape Cod with my best tell me....just what could be better than that. Over the last few years we have made it a point to gather together to laugh, to shop, to share fun creative projects, to go antiquing and share a glass of wine or two.,,,,How good is that?...

I have a consume a lobster roll each and every day. Lofty goal for me....not such good news for the lobsters....

While lunching yesterday...we ran into the "Prince of Whales"...lovely manners...

We have all brought our we will play by the seaside.

It must be" Shore Leave" as we are seeing many sailors enjoying themselves.

We are on the look-out for whale sightings. We were amazed to come across this fellow rolling down 6A yesterday. He confessed to us that he was looking for a tasty Lobster Roll. We helped him find our very favorite hangout.

This is where we are staying...the "We" is Leslie McCabe, Pat Murphy and Diana Card will be joining us shortly....and me of course.

It goes without saying that I am having silly I wish the same for you...

Have" silly last minute fun before you have to unpack you sweaters"...Jody

Off we go to the ice cream shop...two scoops with a cherry on top! Fun is Good!


  1. Sounds dreamy! Cape Cod is just about my favorite place on the planet---would love a good lobster roll right about now! Loved your post today--enjoy every second!


  2. Yes, I totally agree: Fun is Good! xo Jennifer

  3. Everything is so cute! Hope you have a fine time in Old Cape Cod. It's the place for fun in the sand and sun and shops. Have a lobster roll and some ice cream for me!!! LOL


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