May 18, 2012

Story Time...

Hello....I have have been visiting my family in Chicago for the last consequently, I haven't written a new post for a while. While there...I found some fun old children's favorite things. For those of you who are familiar with my already know that I am inspired by charming old colorful books and the characters that dwell within the pages. This one is a "doozy."

Little Jimmy teaches a group of well-dressed animals to make some snappy music...This was written in 1932.

I found this book at the same antique mall...a lucky day indeed.

Brother Crow is one of the many 'Jolly Animals"...this book was published in 1930.

This a pop-up book that was written in 1935...I seem to love the books from the 1930's the most.

Imagine my delight when I opened this book up. A Toy Shop...I definitely got my money's worth.

Lastly...This is a reprint...the original is from 1938. Lois Lenski was an award winning children's book author. This is from her series of "Mr. Small" books.

These pages are so enchanting. Mr. Small I will bid you farewell. I will be returning to my sewing room tomorrow and I will keep you posted about the adventures that we have in FunTown.

Have silly "Read Me a Story" fun,   Jody, the children's librarian


  1. What wonderful finds! I adore illustrated children's books from the same era and don't get tired of reading them! :-) Jennifer

    1. I totally agree with you Jennifer...The stories were sweeter and the pictures more colorful.

  2. What wonderful finds, Jody! That's my favorite time period as well...just found a few wonderful ones this week at my antique mall. I was thrilled! LOVE that pop-up book, too--it looks like it's in perfect condition!

    Looking forward to seeing what these inspire you to create...


    1. Hello Julie...I do believe that if we went antiquing together...we would be arm wrestling with each other...Then we could go out to lunch and have silly fun...Jody

  3. What a lovely cache of books, Jody. I'm green with envy. Ha! Family and books - what could be better? I, too, love the pop-up toy shop. AND the crow and the Lois Lenski. (I actually remember reading these when I was a kid.) The cover of The Jolly Animals is wonderful.

  4. Hello Yvette...I did have a silly fun time...Not only was it a happy visit...but I came home with colorful souvenirs...Thank you for the kind words...Jody

  5. Wow Jody, What a score... welcome home. Hope you had a great time!


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