Jan 13, 2012

Let's Play...Let's Pretend...

Hello....Boy...oh...Boy....Life comes to a screeching halt when you land in the middle of the January calendar page. After the frenetic holidays...it is a welcome change. Since things are quiet here in FunTown...I thought."Why not share my inspirations with you?" I have given you little peeks along the way...so here is yet another peek. First...let me introduce you to "Whistling Dixie" the owner of "Whistling Dixie's Toy Shop" here in town. I might also add that she is a character of distinction in the book that I am working on. She is so warm, caring and patient with the children... as she lives in the land of make believe...No... really...she owns a house on "Make Believe Lane."

I found this charming little sticker book while shopping with my good friend Pat Murphy. We both get into mischief when we go antiquing. Anyway...back  to the point...This book was compiled in 1939...the golden years of children's books, as far as I am concerned.

Since it is so enchanting I am going to share the following pages with you.

For those of you that are familiar with my work you will see how images like this inspire my toys...and those of you who don't know me...now you know also...

Are you smiling?...

Sadly, this is the last page.

Here is another book I found at that same store. It was printed by the Volland Company...the same toy company that made the first Raggedy Ann's and Andy's...in 1924. It is printed on linen. A treasure, for sure.

This one of the pages. Very clever indeed.

Have silly "picture book" fun on this Mid-January day,   Jody, the little girl who never grew up


  1. Oh, they are all delightful - I'd be happy to have any of them in my collection!

  2. I LOVE children's picture books from the 30s and 40s. I keep the ones I've found by my bed and read a little from them each night before I go to sleep. What a much simpler time! Thank you for sharing these lovely images! :-) Jennifer

  3. I once met someone from "Make Believe Lane", according to her it's always sunny except for an occasional sprinkle, and just before it does the heavens turn a glorious blue and the rain clouds a luscious pink like cotton candy. Sweet blue birds flutter about year round ... oh to visit !! :) I love the images ! E

    1. Let's make a play date and go to Make Believe Lane. I will bring the cookies and you can supply the pink lemonade...Jody

  4. Jody,
    Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog. I linked over to yours and was delighted to see that cute little bear. I am in love with her. Very cute. I am your newest follower! So nice to meet you and all your little friends!! Happy new year! I am actually enjoying getting back to the peace and quiet and normal routine, I have tons of projects in the works!!!

  5. Volland. Big sigh and smile . I don't think I've ever seen a Volland book I didn't like. Boy you sure got some treasues, they were waiting for you, I just know it.

  6. Hi Jody
    Whistling Dixie is adoreable!!! Can't wait to see her toy shop I just know it will be FUN!!! I think I would like to live on Make Believe Lane too :0)
    Love the book.
    Vicky xxxx

  7. My oh my how I lve those great books!!! They make me smile on a cold winter day! We had such fun finding them.


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