Nov 7, 2011

Gidget Grows Up....

Hello...I have been in Chicago again visiting my consequently I haven't been able to post. My apologies. As you might surmise from the snapshot....something BIG has happened here in FunTown. I got me one of them fancy magical typewriters. An Apple LapTop. For those of you who don't know too much about me...this is a huge undertaking... as I am almost computer illiterate...but I am determined to change.

So...I need to go to classes and try to join in the 21st century parade that has passed me by. Hopefully I will be able to manage my web site.

I will be able to make some snappy CD's for Pip and I to dance to. Oh this will be so much fun. I fasten my seat belt and put on my space suit for my rocket ship adventure...wish me luck.

There is rejoicing in FunTown...the pressure is on.

Have silly "jumping into the deep end" fun,   Jody, the shiny new Apple girl

The credit for the illustrations goes to Charles of my favorites. The bear picture is from "The Story of Bad Little Billy Bear" by Mrs. H.G.C. Marsh Lambert


  1. Congrats Ms Fancy Pants!!!! Are my blue eyes a tad green today...

  2. Girlie, I got my macbook about 4 years ago, and it!! So much easier than a pc. Just hang out at the apple store and soak it in.
    I miss you!


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